Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Neighboring Cuties :)

So, this isn't going to be wordy, because I'm in the midst of dealing with credit card theft (which, for the record, is just as much fun as it sounds...), but I wanted to share some photos I took the other day!

We are blessed with awesome neighbors! How awesome, you ask? So awesome, that I got a phone call from the totally frazzled lady-of-the-house, letting me know that they had a GIANT bug on their back deck, and she was calling to let me know because she thought I might want to take pictures of it!
(more on that in the days to come...... still working on those photos!)

While I was over there, she asked if I could take a couple photos of her two kids. Being the awesome neighbors that they are, I did so gladly!

I love it when I can grab a cute, candid like this one. In reality, he was being....ehem... "big brotherly" in that moment!

I love this photo! I think the crooked glasses makes it! He's such a fun, playful kid, it really matches his personality!

Such a pretty girl!


Bethany said...

The one with the dog is my favorite! I also like how you did the lighting/editing with the little girl...so pretty :)
My husband and I have decided to use our kids for practice! Better get on that soon...
Take care :)

Katherine said...

Just came across your blog and love it! Awesome work, i adore the black and white shots :)

Please stop on by my blog if you get the oppurtunity at www.thoseblissmoments.blogspot.com

Have a wonderfully fantastic day!

K xx