Friday, December 10, 2010

Macro Friday, and really, I'm still here....

Ug......I forgot how much fun moving is (please, say this inside your head with THICK sarcasm....)

I'm still here....really, I am. We closed on the house on Tuesday....HUGE blessing. Really......we used the listing agent as our agent also, as he is a close family friend. My parents have lived next door to the seller's family for the past 30 years. Really, the closing was full of smiles, laughter......sweet memories of the seller's Mother(who is now in a nursing home with Alzheimer's) Really, it felt like a transaction between family and friends. Couldn't have asked for a more pleasant experience.

Oh, and get this.....closing cost almost $1000 LESS than what we hoped it would....$1000 less than our low-ball figure! When does that EVER happen??????

So, contractors are in and painting.....stove will be delivered Monday....packing boxes, moving boxes.....painting stuff........ oh boy, have I ever been busy!!

I've actually had a bunch of sessions lately too, adding to my craziness! lol.....go figure, now that I'm busy, everyone is giving birth and scheduling sessions!

Anyway, I'll be back in full force soon.....we figure, within the next 7 days we should be in the new place 100%.

So for now, I give you...... A Pug.....in Macro...(click to enlarge)

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