Monday, August 23, 2010

Not Me! Monday!

Do you ever have a day go so horribly awry, that it's almost as if it were set up just to give you fun stuff to write about for Not Me! Monday? Well, I sure haven't!

You see, it was most certainly not me who went to bed last week, thinking she had heard a sound coming from the kitchen, but got distracted by the baby and never went to check it out. There's no way that could be me, as curiosity is my middle name! Always, if something is amiss, my acute sense of perception picks up on it immediately, and discovers it's source! I'm never scatterbrained! Not me!

So, it just stands to reason that it was Not Me! who awoke the next morning to find the evaporator motor in her freezer not working.

Now, even if that had happened (which it most certainly did not!), it wouldn't be me who, instead of calling a repair man, began to research the problem and dismantle the fridge myself. No way would I ever start a project I had NO KNOWLEDGE of or could possibly get in over my head with! Not me! I go professional all the way!

So it couldn't have been me who had to call my husband at work when, after re-assembly, the fridge wouldn't kick on again. Nor was it me who, after having had my hubby home for thirty minutes working on the stink'n thing, who called a fix-it person only to find out that I could have unplugged said refrigerator during it's "defrost" cycle and that it could take over an hour for it to kick on again.

Nor was it me who, an hour after I plugged the fridge back in, witnessed it miraculously begin working again. Not me!

It was also NOT ME! who, directly after, kissed her husband goodbye (who was eating lunch at the time) and preceded to pack all four children and picnic lunch items into the mini van, to go meet a friend and her family for a picnic lunch. Not me! If I'd had a morning like that, I'd be taking the rest of the day off!

So it couldn't have been me who's car blew out a tire a mile from the park.......... in a small neighboring town with no cell service. Or who hauled all four kids out of the car, and walked to the park, where hopefully her friend would be, with phone service. Nor was it me who, after walking 3/4 of a mile uphill, found an empty park.....and still no cell phone service....Good thing this wasn't me, because I would have most certainly pulled my hair out at this point!

Long story short (haha), it wasn't me who knocked on a complete stranger's door to ask to use his phone. I most certainly didn't have to repeat myself, feigning cheerfulness, three times as the cute little old man who answered the door was very hard of hearing. If that was me, I would have been thankful to have gotten a hold of my husband moments before he was headed back to work, and my friend who came back to the park to meet us and have lunch, since by this point, my children would have certainly been starving!

It wasn't us who forgot to bring charcoal to actually cook the food on, or who's friend had to go BACK to her house to just load up her gas grill and bring it to the park.

It wasn't us who forgot ketchup and mustard. Nor was it our children who happily ate hotdogs and hamburgers with nothing on them, as they were so hungry they probably would have happily gnawed on them raw if that was all that was available.

Finally, it wasn't me who came home to find, she'd forgotten to put chlorine in her pool floater thingy the day before. It couldn't have been my pool, as it's always perfectly balanced and NEVER has to be shocked again because it turned green!


So how about you? Come link up your own Not Me! Monday post on MckMama's blog, and come see what everyone else hasn't been doing this week!


Mom of M&Ms said...

CAn you hear my laughter up there in New York??? Please know that I am "not laughing " at you...That I am a good friend and feel so deeply for the day you did not have day.. cause I have never had a day like that EVER..a nd I would not blog about either.

DId the camera come????

Tasha Via said...

That hilarious!!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today:)

PS Your kids are SO stinkin' cute!

Momma K said...

BTW, the similarities in our week don't end with the fridge....we also forgot the chlorine yesterday and our pool looks strikingly similar! :( My how life can get in the way of living!

That MoM....Those KidS said...

I am thinking you win the prize for worst "not me Monday"! I cannot imagine hauling kids around on a hot summer day trying to get help with my car---you deserve an extra iced coffee and maybe a pedicure!

Sara said...

Ha! That's enough for one week. I guess you just got your quota in one day instead of having to spread it out over the entire week.

Debby said...

Not you, must be a twin! Do you need a ((HUG))?

Carol said...

Okay, probably not fun at all, but definitely fun to read about. What a day!

Kara-Noel said...

I know those days! Where everything just keeps going wrong... it seems like you made the best of it with an awesome post :)

otherwise known as mom said...

I think God give us days like this to keep us humble!!

It works too.