Saturday, June 26, 2010

How better to celebrate 4th grade coming to an end?

Cold, refreshing drinks...

Delicious tropical cookies.....

Grass skirts as far as the eye can see.....

Why, it MUST be................................ A Literary Luau!

The girl-child got all dolled up in her Hawaiian best, and prepared to read her poem on killer whales.

Up she went, ready to read her creation in front of all her friends and their parents....

"Killer Whales"

Have you ever heard of killer whales? Well, I have! They are my most favorite animal. Would you like to hear about them? Well, here it goes!

Do you know killer whales aren't fish? They are mammals just like us. And this is how they are mammals. They give milk and have live young, and also have lungs.

A killer whale is also called an orca. They are big, black, and white. They are known to eat baby blue whales, fish squid, and sharks. Wow!

Orcas are very fast swimmers. They swim up to 30mph in bursts, in order to catch prey.

I did lots of research on whales and I would like to study them when I get older. I hope you liked my poem!

I was very proud of my not-so-little girl! She has worked so hard to overcome her shyness, and her struggles with reading and writing. Most adults I know shy away from subjects that are difficult for them..... they do the minimum requirements, and just survive it.

Not my R....... she will still tell you that writing is her favorite subject, even if it's a struggle!

She makes her Mommy proud!


Mom of M&Ms said...

Love it. What a well written poem too! I wish I were there for the cookies!

Ms. G said...

I loved her poem and the fact that she worked so hard to turn her weaknesses into strengths. I wish I could steal some of her work ethic and give it to some of my Seniors.