Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to School.....

My friend, Mom to M&M, over at Simply Life Photographs, shared this a couple weeks ago when her kids started back to school. Tomorrow, two of my children have their first day back to school, and Thursday my oldest joins them......

Back to School Prayer

Heavenly Father:

On bended knee I offer you all the praise and glory for your creation. I am so thankful for the children that eagerly await that first bell, and I am thankful for the ones not so excited. I am thankful that you created the desire to be a teacher in so many that our children may benefit from the gift that you provided others.

I know that we are all sinful, Father. And I ask you to take away that sin so that we all may glorify you.

Lord, I lift up to you each parent that prepares their child for school, ( home or away) that you prepare their hearts to let go and expand their world. I especially lift up to you the parent who send their first child to school this year. Give that parent confidence and peace that their child will be well cared for, that no one will ever take their place. Help them prepare to start letting go as their child grows. And for the parent sending their last child to school .. Lord, give them purpose that is fulfilling. Fill the empty spot with joy as they see their offspring take off with new wings.

Lord, bless and keep each child. Provide safety as they travel to and from school. Open their minds to absorb new facts and knowledge. Provide confidence and security. For the shy child, provide a friend. For the bully, provide security and take away the desire to be overpowering. For the ones who struggle, provide a new approach to understanding. and for the chatty child provide some spiritual tape to their mouth. Let this year be the year of new beginnings of openness and acceptance for each child as you created them.

Lord, I lift up to you teachers. These adults are HUGE in our child's life. They can raise up a spirit with a kind word or smile. And they can dash ambition or interest in a heartbeat. Give them joy to teach. Have them long for each child to succeed to the best of their abilities. Create in them new ideas to reach each child. Drive them to provide and love and care for each single student in their care.

Lord, bless each family at this school..For the household that struggles with employment issues or financial issues.. provide a way to meet each need. The home that struggles with addiction or anger, fill them with your love and healing. The families that deal with illness and despair, fill them to. What ever the need, Lord, fill it according to your will. Create a light filled path that leads only to you.

For anyone Lord, use this educational experience for others to have a relationship with you. Pour out your love and strength and protection to them all!

In Jesus holy name, I pray,


(The photos above were from M's Kindergarten Orientation last week.....can't believe he starts school tomorrow! Where did my baby boy go?!>)

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Carol said...

This was beautiful! My little one heads off to Kindergarten next year. I'm not so sure how I'll handle that...but maybe a prayer will help.

I'm in Faith's class with you :)