Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shoot & Edit(Selfie), Scavenger Hunt Sunday, & why I love swag bucks :)

Sigh.......the really sad part is, I had all this stuff done early. I just never found the time to transfer it to the computer!

Shoot & Edit: Selfie

UG.....I'm hoping my dislike of any sort of selfie (other than an arms length one) will be over soon, as I have a wireless shutter trigger on the way! There's nothing quite like getting your exercise using the timer, running back and forth.....I mean, it's not like you look frazzled or anything in the photo since you just completed the 10 yard dash 30 times.......

So, here they are. SOOC. Selfies. yay.
(That being said, my wireless trigger gets here Thursday, and I am gonna try really really hard to be open-minded and link up with Selfie Saturdays at Selfie Magic. ...because, really, I'm such a goofball, I could really have fun with this, and I'd like to stop making such unattractive faces every time I see "selfie" and the subject for a photo challenge..)



I'm somewhat limited location-wise at the moment, as we're still digging out of the boxes from our move inside the house, and outside....well.....check out my scavenger hunt "sky" photo....lol

So for Thursday, I'm gonna do a tutorial on facial editing using Lightroom. That little program can do so much more than many people realize, and while I don't use it exclusively (I edit in CS5 and Lightroom 3), I can say that every single photo I take gets edited in Lightroom......half the time I go on to more extensive editing in CS5, but Lightroom packs a pretty hardy punch! :)

Now, onto Scavenger Hunt Sundays! (Tuesday is SOOOOOOO the new Sunday)

For the record, next week I will SO BE ON TIME for Scavenger Hunt Sunday! I suggested some of the prompts, so I kinda feel as if I should, you know, at least link up in a timely manner!

1. Capture The Sky

I am so never trusting a woodland creature for my weather forecasts EVER AGAIN! This is our sky. You may notice it looks like a big gray patch of nothingness...that's because it was one huge snow-dumping cloud that pounded up with well over a foot of snow.
Lemme just say, the Easter Bunny better be of the snow bunny variety.....

2. Everyday

The toddler....proud of her daily path of destruction :)

3. Furry

This may be my favorite dog shot I've ever taken :)

4. Life

The closest thing we have to anything budding....see "sky" photo for explanation of why :) The toddler stealing my office plant. :)

5. Blurred

I love the bokah with the snow falling in it :) Yes, my Christmas lights are still up. No, I'm not proud of it....but until someone turns up Mother nature's thermostat, there's not much I can do.

So...last but not least......why I love SWAGBUCKS

(If you haven't signed up and want to give it a try.....please use my link! HERE )

With the Swagbucks I've earned in the last year, I've gotten Amazon Gift cards. Lots of them.

I used them yesterday....

Arriving Thursday will be:
Two light stands
Two flash adapters with hotshoes
Two 43" White shoot through umbrellas
2 Black/Silver reflector umbrellas
A Wireless hotshoe flash transmitter
Two wireless flash receivers
4 pack 8 inch ball bungees
A flash bracket
A wireless remote shutter

I had to come up with $10 out of pocket :)

I love Swagbucks :)


Jill Samter Photography said...

good luck getting out of the boxes. i know how you feel that will be us in 8 weeks. YIKES!

i love every shot and you did a great job on your selfies! :-D


Lisa said...

Love the shots! Great job.

Ashley Sisk said...

Your selfies are gorgeous! So so beautiful. I also love your everyday shot. How cute!

Jenn said...

Love your self portraits, especially the first one! Great job!

Adeena said...

First selfie is a cool angle. :)

Your furry shot is awesome! :D

Lynda said...

Your SOOC selfies are great!

I really like your photo for #4 on the scavenger hunt!

Kimberly said...

Love all your shots! Your selfies turned out great!

Way to go on the Swagbucks scores! I'm still saving mine up. I must not accumulate them as fast as you because I don't even have enough for a $50 amazon gc yet. Guess I need to be searching more. :)

Phoenix Peacock said...

funny funny funny everyday shot!

jillconyers said...

Great shots. Nice smile in the second photo.