Monday, March 14, 2011

Shoot & Edit: Yellow (and no, I didn't fall off the face of the Earth!)

So.......how ya been?

Good? Wonderful......it's been a while :)

Sorry for that little bloggy-break....life got a little crazy for a short spell, but I think we're good now :) Between my volunteer responsibilities, illness, sessions, a trip out of town, and over two feet of snow (no, I'm not kidding....I have pictures)

(Let's hope the Easter Bunny is of the snow bunny variety....as it's snowing outside....again....right now......)
...I just couldn't get on here to blog....

So...the theme for Shoot and Edit this week is "Yellow"


This is from our trip out of town....we were able to take the kids to a neat hands-on Science museum!

For the record....yes, the toddler is on a baby leash. We do this only for hands-on museums & amusement parks.....who wants to hold someone's hands in a museum that's MEANT to be touched? lol The thing is, she's really fast, and I'm usually outnumbered. Please don't judge :) It's the best solution I've found for everyone to stay safe, and still have fun!

I'm really proud of all the shots I took at the museum. Out of the 112 shots I took there, only three of them were slightly underexposed. (one of which, is this one, my only shot with yellow in it!) I was using my external flash in full manual mode...sometimes bouncing it, sometimes using it as fill light when there was beautiful light coming through windows. I've been challenging myself to get to know my flash better, and even practicing using them off camera on a flash stand!

Why, you ask, am I bone-ing up on off-camera flash?

Because I'm taking a day for me, and doing the trek to Pittsburgh next month to attend this. The Flash Bus Tour, being done by two AMAZING photographers who have been doing this for longer than I've been alive.... David Hobby & Joe McNally. Now, I'd only known the name David Hobby since getting into photography (he's the creator of The Strobist blog) The man can do some amazing things with a speedlight and some ingenuity.... Joe McNally though....I've known that name for a while. He is the incredible photog who dreamed up the "Faces of Ground Zero" exhibit that toured and raised money after that tragic day. Living in NY State, somewhere between where the Twin Towers once stood and where the plane full of heroes went down in that Pennsylvania field, I remember those amazing life-sized Polaroid portraits well.

So, to say I'm excited is an understatement.....lol

Anyway, so that's what's been up with me.....I'm gonna try hard to not disappear again!


Jill Samter Photography said...

sorry you are still getting snow!

i really am.

such a cute SOOC shot :-D

Ashley Sisk said...

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

how cute! Thanks for not being intimidated to show the toddler "leash" All you're doing is showing how much you know your child's temperament (and speed) and how much you want love and protect them!

Winn (aka Koreen) said...

I love having a photographic goal to work towards. Great for you! That will be exciting and fun.

Great shot. I'm scared of my flash and therefore never use it. But I don't have an external flash... just the horrible built in. ;)

Tara said...

Such a cute shot! Don't be embarrassed...I would totally use one in the appropriate place.

Chrystal said...

Great picture. Hey in this day and age a leash is appropriate at some places.

Kathleen said...

No judgment here - better not to have a lost kiddo! Sounds like a great time...and what a cute shot!

Sarah C. said...

Thank you for the "leash"! :D We have the same one for our 19mo son. I've actually practiced with him using it at PetSmart - perfect place for "leash" training. LOL ;) It's amazing how fast little ones can move and I am grateful these little safety measures exist.

Sounds like a fun museum. Looking forward to seeing your edit!

Michelle said...

:) First off, for the record -- I love that you use a "leash"!!! You are keeping your kid close by, but yet giving them some of the freedom of movement needed (whether to touch stuff at an exhibit, or to keep them from having a total melt down from having to hold mama's hand for 9 hours). There's too many horror stories about kiddos disappearing because mama/dad couldn't keep their hands on them constantly. Breaks my heart.

Anyway, cute shot!! Bet you all had fun!

We got more snow here, too, and it's not funny anymore. :)

allison c said...

Thank you for being Leash Proud. We have the doggie version of the same leash and I used it in the Philly airport since my son is also very very fast and airports scare me. As I had a very happy toddle on the leash, as I was on the phone trying to get a rental since my place was canceled, a woman came up to me, put her hand on my arm and "tsk tsk"ed me. what is that?! You face the idea of your child being whisked out of an airport on a plane by a stranger!

Ok, enough commiserating. :) It is a very cute SOOC! :)

Mrs Missy said...