Saturday, October 9, 2010

Our Soon To Be New Home...

More house than I could have ever imagined we'd be able to own!



From the back..


The Garage.. (Which is going to be completely painted and have a new roof....I actually took these photos right after the contractor left)


Inside the Garage Loft

Back Yard

Entrance way from back door...

Third Floor - Full Bath

Third Floor (My Space)

Second Floor - Bedroom 1


Second Floor- Bedroom 2 (I think maybe the Toddler's room)

Second FLoor - Bedroom 3

Second Floor - Bedroom 4

Second Floor - Bedroom 5

Second Floor - Bedroom 6 (Possibly the teens...smallest room, and he has very few toys (more videogames than anything)

Second Floor - Full Bath #2

First Floor - Family Room/Office

First Floor - Livingroom

The front door/entrance-way is between the livingroom and diningroom, but I didn't get a photo...I was kinda rushed, as the Realtor had an appointment and had to leave

First Floor - Diningroom

First Floor - Kitchen

First Floor - Half bathroom off kitchen

First Floor - Mudroom

And outside, next to the house....this one little lone flower...the only one still (kinda) alive...


We are so excited....just waiting for Bank commitment letter...but they don't for-see any issues..... Contractor is going through right after closing to fix any and all peeling, chipping paint, and put a new stove in.

We were so heart broken two years ago, when we had put an offer in on a house, and Rick got laid off.......so we lost it.......I told myself it just wasn't in God's plan, that he had something better in mind.....

He sure did! This is twice the house the other one was! My parents live next door, and the kids elementary school is 4 blocks away!



Ewa said...

looks like it will be a great place to live!

Kari said...

CONGRATS! How exciting. :) it is nice when you can look back in life and see where something difficult has been "redeemed".

Debby@Just Breathe said...

How exciting. The house is beautiful, looks like each room is in great shape ready to move in!
I really like the looks of it.

playdoughinmycarpet said...

Wow... that's alot of bedrooms. What a great house!!!! Congratulations!

Sandy said...

Wow! I just love love love older houses. Your new one has a lot of character! And the fact that your parents are next door??? priceless!!!

Mom of M&Ms said...

Oh My Firend! Congrats.. praying that all continues well.. and I could hav such fun decorating tht house!!! Blessings on you , yoru family and yoru house!!!!

carlotta said...

So exciting! It's such a cool house. And having your parents live next door? How great for the kids (and you :))!

otherwise known as mom said...

Wow, you've got enough bedrooms to open a B & B here! It looks beautiful. I love the personality of a home that doesn't look like the next six down the block! You've got a gem from the looks of it!

Mama Monkey said...

Congratulations to you all!!!!! That is so exciting!!! We, too, were hoping to move this summer (it's just an amazing time to buy), but we would have to take a loss on our current home and that's just not worth it right now.

SouthernSass said...

Congratulations and I hope everything goes smoothly! How exciting for you - the house is nice and roomy!

trooppetrie said...

this house is amazing.

Pam @ Kassie's Beach said...

Thanks for your comment on my photography blog. I popped over here for a quick look and I want your new house. I love old sprawling homes.

Bethany said...

Hi Lindsay!

Congrats on the house!!! I'm SO excited for you!! :) How is everything else going? How's the photo biz? I'm so overwhelmed with my new teaching job...I have had many moments where I want to just QUIT! Ugh. But...I'm going to stick it out. At least for this school year :) Dealing with high school kids doesn't seem to be my forte. It's insane.
Mark still hasn't found a job...so it's getting a little scary. Just trusting God that He will provide--as always!
I miss talking/writing with you! I'm not doing much with photography...except last week, I did a shoot for a dentist office for their website :) I have a family shoot next Saturday too.
Talk to you later!
Show more pics of the house after you get settled--it's so cute!!
Bethany :)

Renegades said...

How exciting and what a BIG house. We were in the same situation as you were it sounds like. A year ago all ready to buy a property and then lay offs. Ick. This June we bought our first home and it's 3 bedrooms and home to us.